About Us


The New England Holiday Light Co.

There’s something magical about holiday lights. A Christmas tree aglow in the family room, a snowy yard illuminated with twinkling lights, a beautifully lit home filling the air with cheer. Holiday lights bring the joy of the season close to your heart, and we think that’s as wonderful as it gets!

Who knows, maybe there was something about standing in the freezing cold as a kid and hanging lights with dad that inspired us to pursue doing the same for others. Our specialty is landscape lighting - turning any aspect of your yard into a winter wonderland. At the New England Holiday Light Company, we’re passionate about what we do, and pride ourselves on doing things right the first time.

So, when it’s the season to string up the lights again and you’re wondering when in the world you’ll find the time, remember The New England Holiday Light Company. We don't just hang lights, we turn on the holiday spirit.